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$VSAI Features

It is your chance, just take it.
Owning a $VSAI coin gives anyone the opportunity to become a shareholder and an equal participant in making decisions about the future of "VisionScan AI" project.
To find more information regarding $VSA tokenomics, destribution and other useful information, please visit $VSAI Tokenomics section.
$VSAI is a utility token designed by VisionScan AI to provide holders with a range of privileges and benefits. As the native currency of the VisionScan AI platform, $VSAI is used to access a variety of services, including the market analysis tool "Eye," the blockchain explorer "X-Ray," and the wallet management tool "Wallet." Token holders can use $VSAI to pay for these services, as well as to access exclusive features and functions.
In addition to accessing these services, $VSAI holders can benefit from cashback rewards, which are designed to incentivize the use of the token within the VisionScan AI ecosystem. The token also offers staking opportunities, allowing holders to earn additional rewards through participation in the VisionScan AI DAO.
Overall, the purchase and ownership of $VSAI provides users with a wide range of benefits and opportunities within the VisionScan AI platform. From accessing powerful market analysis tools to earning rewards through staking and participating in DAO governance, $VSAI offers a comprehensive suite of privileges for its holders.
The VisionScan AI team has designed a rewards system to incentivize and encourage users to participate in various aspects of the ecosystem. The rewards for staking, participating in DAO, and airdrops will be paid out from a predetermined number of tokens, as well as a portion of the profits generated from the VisionScan AI platform. Specifically, 30% of the profits will be allocated to the staking pool, 10% of the profits to the DAO participation rewards pool, and 10% to the airdrop pool. This distribution strategy ensures that the ecosystem is self-sustaining and that users are duly compensated for their participation and contribution.
Staking protocol is ready and will be launched shortly after the end of the presale.
Our staking program offers several fixed staking period options for our token holders. For a staking period of 10 days, token holders can earn a reward of 2.5% of staked amount of tokens. For a staking period of 30 days, token holders can earn a reward of 6%. For a staking period of 60 days, token holders can earn a reward of 15% of staked amount of tokens. For a staking period of 90 days, token holders can earn a reward of 25%. Finally, for a staking period of 180 days, token holders can earn an impressive reward of 60% of staked amount of tokens.
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