VisionScan AI

Roadmap and Development

Unleash the Power of AI Analytics with VisionScan AI.
"VisionScan AI" project roadmap:
Q1 2023:
  • Provide early access to AI tools to selected participants
  • Launch public beta version for wider audience
  • Start marketing campaigns to raise awareness about the product
  • CEX listings
Q2 2023:
  • Improve user experience and interface of the platform
  • Expand features and add new AI analytical tools
  • Launch mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms
  • Onboard new partners and integrations
  • Staking protocol start
Q3 2023:
  • Increase user base and user engagement
  • Focus on community building and engagement activities
  • Enhance security and privacy measures
Q4 2023:
  • Launch new revenue generating models and services
  • Expand globally and target new markets
  • Focus on sustainable growth and user acquisition
Q1 2024:
  • Introduce new AI-powered financial products
  • Focus on customer retention and user satisfaction
Q2 2024:
  • Further expand product offerings
  • Focus on product scalability and stability
  • Enhance user privacy and security features
  • Initiate partnerships with traditional financial institutions.
VisionScan AI, 2023